I my 3 girls. I love cooking. I loved baking , but got a call right before Christmas that I have celiac, so now I lost that too. I love the Liturgists content and I guess I'm here because I miss having community and I'm trying to fill that void. /2

@brandice Welcome to the insanity of Celiac. Sourdough gluten-free bread IS possible. It's different, but it can be pretty damn good. Welcome to this community and feel free to reach out to me about anything related to gluten-free living! (Or whatever, ya know)

@brandice Best place to start is always Google. I don't have any personal recommendations for which recipe, since I've never actually made any. But I've tasted some local stuff and it was amazing.

@brandice Hi, my family all have to avoid gluten (varying degrees of intolerance). My wife bakes and although bread is not something which has been overly successful yet the cakes are awesome. We can get a pretty good gluten free loaf in our local supermarket

@brandice Welcome! I hope you can find a way to fill your sourdough void. I hope this community will be nourishing to you!

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