Grew up in a nominally Episcopal family but Church was always a point of contention between my parents. Became a Christian at a fundamentalist High School because I thought that would fix everything. It didn't. I had an amazing Church community in HS, college and after college, but my Church recently dissolved, and I'm kind of unmoored as I realize what an unusually amazing community I had and how unusual it was in its non-harmful theology. /1

@brandice those places are unique. Hoping you discover a new community. I wonder of folks from that community could reconstitute somehow.


@danielmrose The things that I loved most about our church ath taI am hoping to find/recreate in a new community are 1) eating together regularly and 2) an humble attitude of everything is up for discussion. We had folks all over the spectrum on every issue imaginable. What made our church unique was that there was not statement of beliefs we had to sign and we discussed the things we disagreed on freely and with love. It was hard, but we learned together.

@brandice move to Ypsilanti, MI! This is exactly what we are building! ❤️

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