It's not always you...s/t it's the season
today I had margin to think about painting my kids' room and to buy stuff to start seedlings before it's too late to plant them
things i've wanted to do often, but never found time for
but here's the thing. my youngest is 4, and i hadn't gotten to that point without having another baby before.
if you're floundering and you have littles, this might not help, because atm you feel like you're trying to build a raft while drowning.
but it does get better.

Right! It's tough. It is so hard to separate the joy and the pain. We don't talk abut this enough. There is so much shame and crap that goes with being a parent you aren't allowed to talk about with fear of or actually being judged as less than or something wrong. Making and taking care of humans is hard! Really hard! But it really does get easier, but maybe that's because you get better at doing it. Like a work out program for your whole being.

Yes! We need to talk about the struggle, and the hope and disempower the shame!

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