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How do you "intentionally" cultivate relationships with others who are not like you without making people into means to an end (the end in this case being a more diverse friend group)?

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I know that all 30 or so of our family's closest relationships are with other white families. There are a couple of families who have one Asian or Indian parent, but not a lot of real diversity. Circling all the way out to 150 people, most of the PoC I encounter are my Girl Scouts. There are a few moms that I know and like but I do not want to objectify them by pursuing relationship where it has not formed naturally.


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I believe that systematic racism is reinforced by social isolation and echo chamber effects.I want to break out of these harmful patterns. But I also value authenticity, and I would never want to make someone my "token black friend" - that is so dehumanizing to them. Have any of you managed to successfully expand your social group to include people who are not like you? how did you do it?

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@brandice good on you for noticing this and wanting to make a change. All relationships need to start somewhere and being intentional about branching out doesn’t have to feel fake. Girl Scouts seems a good place to start. Finding a way to connect with folks who are new to town is also an option. I find it’s harder to make friends with people who already have an entrenched local social structure. Good luck!

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