Being driven home from a Mets game by my boss (who is such a mama bear to me and my coresidents), her husband and 7 year old son while listening to the game on the radio and feeling oddly nostalgic because it takes me back to drives home from baseball games with my family growing up. Funny how life has parallel moments like that.

I was at work at the hospital yesterday and wore scrubs since it was a weekend, and my favorite 18 year old chemo patient said to me “you’re not dressed up today! I love seeing your outfits!” And that is what is going to motivate me to go to work tomorrow morning, because I know she’s excited to see my outfit. 😊

Back in Minnesota for the weekend after having lived in NYC for nine months and I’m looking around and thinking something feels off... and then I realized that everyone is white, and I am no longer used to that 😂

Reading Inspired by Rachel Held Evans and reading the retelling of Hagar’s story made me wanna look up this painting I recently saw at The Met, “Hagar in the Wilderness” by Camille Corot. Unsure if I loved this painting so much because it’s pretty or just because of how much I love this story.

Favorite moment of work so far today was a dad coming upstairs before his wife got up here after delivering their baby just to ask & make sure that the baby has an “anus hole” 😂 medicine is so weird.

Beth and Randall on This Is Us are RELATIONSHIP GOALS. You can’t change my mind. The end.

Ranting. I’m soooo sick right now, think I might have the flu, but I came into work yesterday & today because being a resident you kinda have to or someone would have to cover you & everybody makes a big fuss. So here I am, possibly febrile, definitely not feeling good, & everyone is like, “well at least wear a mask to keep the babies from getting sick...” y’all we need to take better care of our healthcare professionals. We just do. Ugh.

Just wanted everyone to know this is what voice text thought I said 😂😂😂

Seriously Anne Lamott brings the fiiiire 

Anne Lamott really challenging me today on hate 

Just went to a Bible study where they told me Christian = disciple = saved & being a disciple means I pray EVERY day, repent of all sins, make God’s will mine (which in their minds is every word of the Bible literally translated AND may mean quitting my job eventually!!??), & commit to making other disciples. Then they asked, “so, are you saved?”

I wanted to be like “fuck you, I’m a goat.” (My new catchphrase forever, thanks @vishnu!)

I’m Bree, 26 yo female, pediatric resident, live in Brooklyn NY but originally from MN. Been out of church for a couple years because I’ve moved around for med school but also I’ve found myself disagreeing with mainstream Christianity & questioning things because of things I’ve been through/people in my life. Also I’m uncomfortable with interacting with people I don’t know on social media so this may be difficult for me haha but I’m here!

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