Just went to a Bible study where they told me Christian = disciple = saved & being a disciple means I pray EVERY day, repent of all sins, make God’s will mine (which in their minds is every word of the Bible literally translated AND may mean quitting my job eventually!!??), & commit to making other disciples. Then they asked, “so, are you saved?”

I wanted to be like “fuck you, I’m a goat.” (My new catchphrase forever, thanks @vishnu!)

@breej0605 @vishnu Ahhh that sounds like.... quite the experience 😳 like the Bible study equivalent of sitting at an interrogation table with a bare lightbulb swinging above your head. I take it you won’t be returning? 😂

@breej0605 @vishnu I’ve been learning that there is a difference between being a Christian and the religious practice of Christianity.

That's about the time when I ask "so tell me about all the things your doing to be 'saved "

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