Dear @vishnu. Dear, dear @vishnu. Where to begin.

Following your work and your perspective on the world, though at times I've found a deep resonance and kinship, at other times I've often found myself struggling to connect. For one reason or another, it has seemed that you were speaking a language I couldn't quite grasp, or something. I don't have a great handle on why.

However, it also seems I forgot what a fucking delight it is to read your writing. Damn.

@vishnu I'm all of two chapters in to THIS, and it's like meeting you for the first time, free of assumption or context, nothing but the radiance and wonder of enjoying this absurd, glorious existence with you.

I think I unwittingly became one of the people @mike described who stopped being able to see your heart somewhere along the way. So: 1) I'm sorry; 2) thank you; and 3) I'm really grateful to be able to see your heart again, and I'm looking forward to more of that in the rest of THIS. <3

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