@RobertFrancis @amal I should point out that, in fact, Patreon does not have access to your Discourse password, and The Liturgists (the Discourse admins) don’t have access to your Patreon password. The integration is implemented using a technology called OAuth, which allows you to use one service as a login for another, while permitting some limited access to data (in the case of Patreon, the items mentioned above). Your actual password is not exchanged. You’re only using it to login to Patreon.

This is probably helpful for

"PSA your posts here are searchable on Google and other search engines unless you opt out of search-engine indexing under preferences in your profile."

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Struggling with trans-inclusive language 

I find these two things active in my mind:

1) My entrenched notion of language is not more important than actual people who may be harmed by it.
2) Language like “assigned female people” or “uterus-having people” feels alien and impersonal to me.

In light of (1), what are some ways you deal with (2)? Where do you see the language around these topics converging over time? Are there any analogues from history that would be instructive?

@mike And by "that" I'm referring to the specific "opt out of search results" checkbox, not the private profile.

@mike Right, that's what others mentioned on the thread; I was wondering if it's possible to make that the default (i.e. make search indexing opt-in instead of opt-out).

@jennyk @mike considering this potential privacy concern that may be shared by other folks here, I wonder if it's possible to opt-out everyone by default, or to ask masto.host if they can do something about it.

@jennyk @Laura_I knowing a bit about how search engines work, I'd be surprised if the result was immediate. Instead, I'd expect the ranking to drop over time. You could probably speed it up using google's removal request tool: support.google.com/webmasters/

2-year-old: "I'M NOT SLEEPY I'M NOT SLEEPY I-" *flops over*

5-year-old: Time is an illusion. Naptime, doubly so.

@kbitgood Nonexistent hell to the yes.

I will have to come back here later and leave some detailed thoughts.

@vishnu I'm all of two chapters in to THIS, and it's like meeting you for the first time, free of assumption or context, nothing but the radiance and wonder of enjoying this absurd, glorious existence with you.

I think I unwittingly became one of the people @mike described who stopped being able to see your heart somewhere along the way. So: 1) I'm sorry; 2) thank you; and 3) I'm really grateful to be able to see your heart again, and I'm looking forward to more of that in the rest of THIS. <3

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Dear @vishnu. Dear, dear @vishnu. Where to begin.

Following your work and your perspective on the world, though at times I've found a deep resonance and kinship, at other times I've often found myself struggling to connect. For one reason or another, it has seemed that you were speaking a language I couldn't quite grasp, or something. I don't have a great handle on why.

However, it also seems I forgot what a fucking delight it is to read your writing. Damn.

@kbitgood That also allowed me to extend compassion to friends who are still where I was. It also let me heal from the sense of betrayal - I thought someone (*any*one) who taught me all this stuff should have known too, and they should have told me. But now I don't think that's how it works; it worked for them, just like it worked for me for a time. There's no malice; we're all just trying to feel safe and like we belong.

@kbitgood I definitely had this kind of self-criticism when I started to rethink everything; I felt pretty foolish and like I should have seen. I had to give myself a ton of grace and acknowledge that it worked for me for that time, and that that's okay - it gave me a ton of peace.

.@selfcare_gentle keeps telling me to take a nap, and like I KNOW but I have THINGS to DO but I really should. :lolsob:

@hagridaaron aaaaahahahahaha omg yes could you tell the rest of my company please

@peterfromfargo (I ran out of space for people who replied to Mike's request in the original thread)

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