I don t like it when it feels like im in trouble for trying really hard.

i have been a fan of Andrew Bird for like 10 years now - i keep coming back to it unlike i do with a lot of other music - Whats the music you have loved for longer than other stuff?

Hey everyone. Thanks for being here and being weird and wonderful today.


Im kinda proud cause i have reached the limit of cells that google sheets will allow in one file.

Scully autopsies alien ghosts. Mulder empathizes with mansized lizards.

"Oh I'm a big sports fan!" by which i mean -(im a larger than average human with a passing interest in sports)

I put on my wifes flannel shirt cause i need to do laundry and ive been trying to button it up for like 2 hours now...
why is this so hard?!?!?!

bagpipe levels are currently severe

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■


so listening to the 9 song from sleeping at last and have been crying alot.. so thats fun - but i just came up with a great description for us 9s! - "Weaponized empathy followed by recursive withdrawl"

gender roles 

Ya know what traditional gender roles are great for? - Keeping track of your toothbrush! (hers is pink and myn is green) Thats all! Thats it! Thanks for the help! so glad we did 100k years of patriarchy bullshit so that i could approach my toothbrush with confidence.

they got to their hotel safely :) gonna go try to do some deep breaths

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So my parents are traveling through haiti today. (they live there) and there are a lot of protests blocking the road (burning tires ect) and bandits (literal bandits) taking advantage of the situation. Im tracking them on find my iphone just so we have lots of stored location data (in case we need to know that) and this just fucking sucks.

how amazing would it be if beany babies all the sudden skyrocketed in value again. and all the true believers were vindicated at last.

the other day i had the horrible thought that this is all a simulation and my life struggles are just coded to provide context for some rich fuck playing as one of my friends.

hell - funny? 

What is hell is actually real and we all get there and we're all like - "okay - but this still doesn't make any fucking sense"

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