I am astounded and humbled by how much strength it takes to stand in a community that loves the institution of the church but doesn't know/love Christ. It is so painful.

Props to those who continue to attend/engage.

(Not to offend) Church (to me) more resembles a country club where the dues are optional.

I've been to country clubs - they make me nauseous . . .

I don't want to disengage - but I am starting to feel like my health demands it.

Morning Thought:

As the pace of technology continues to outpace evolution, we will see more and more mental illness.

So long as the church continues to view mental illness as a moral failure or lack of faith, the church will continue to lose those most in need of healing.

SUPER excited about The Lit. new series on Buddhism. When my Christian faith fell apart it was my exposure to Buddhism that kept me from spiritually imploding completely.

“Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are.” ― the dalai lama

I've had a terrible headache for more than 10 days--it wakes me up at night, and is there in the morning. I've tried everything: cutting caffeine, OTC meds, prescription migraine meds, and nothing had any effect.

Last night, I ate one low does cannabis edible before bed. This morning, my head is clear and pain free.


Today’s reminders:

-unclench your jaw
-breathe deeply
-check your posture
-drink water
-check-in with your body & heart (where are you tight? what are you holding onto? where are you tense? anxious?)
-keep breathing
-love no matter what

“Faith is not a belief. Faith is what is left when your beliefs have all been blown to hell. Faith is in the heart, while beliefs are in the head.” - Ram Dass, Be Love Now

I came across this while looking for a different one, but thought it would be good to share with folks.

Shout-out to @mike aka Science Mike. I heard about Mast on the Liturgists podcast yesterday and I am curious to get in and see how this thing works. Thank you for the warm welcome!

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