It's incredible how deeply I believe that only a certain number of things are allowed to go right in my life before something MUST go wrong—before I "pay" for the goodness, somehow. I don't know how to operate outside of a scarcity worldview. I've been having intense anxiety lately, convinced a monster is lurking behind every good thing in my radius, waiting to introduce me to "reality" again. Anybody making any headway on ~actually believing~, on a somatic level, in a universe of abundance?


@equustel I get that. A couple of concepts have helped me.

1) Everything in life is a Cha-Cha. It's always two steps forward and one step back (I'm actually not sure if that is what a cha-cha is) - it's the nature of the universe - and there's nothing "wrong" with it.

2) "Hard" is not the same as "Bad." "Hard" is just "Hard."

Hang in there!

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