Had my first ‘lively discussion’ with a fundy Christian who is also a dear, long-standing friend yesterday where I ended up trying to explain how I see Jesus and faith now 😳 Won’t go there again in a hurry. It was like talking to a wall with a series of bible texts written on it and so much ‘Ah well I just let God take care of that.’ as soon as the professed beliefs sounded unreasonable or unkind under my questioning. Yuck! It was horrible. But we’re still friends thank goodness ❤️

Has anyone on here come across Liberation Unleashed and if so what are your thoughts?

So I’ve listened to Buddhist 3 on Patreon and I’m listening again to the two Richard Rohr episodes on the main feed and I’m having a moment ❤️ I really don’t have words to describe how much love I have for @vishnu @mike et al. and all the wonderful guests that have been part of the episodes over the years - this whole beautiful community that is The Liturgists really. It feels more and more like very sacred space - and I mean that in the most non dual way possible of course 😉

Thursday thoughts. When I fully take on board that this is all illusion. That ‘me’ is actually just a means for ‘The Infinite’ to experience ‘all the feels’ that this particular human incarnation goes through, then do those ‘feels’ become somewhat inauthentic? Like we’re not ‘really’ scared in a haunted house experience/game because we know it’s not real. So then, what’s the point of my being here if I’m not authentically suffering the suffering? I’d love to hear thoughts on this 💭

@vishnu Just finished my latest poem and it seems to fit rather well with this episode. My ego hopes you don’t mind me sharing it with you 😉


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Odd thought to start the day. Is the whole world and everything in it, including us humans, the physical manifestation of the monkey mind of God? Don’t get heavy on me people I’m just having a fun thought experiment here 🌍 🧠🐒🙏

Well. I’m listening to the latest episode of The Liturgists podcast. Scratch that. I’m trying to listen @mike but I’m now crying so hard I can hardly hear it. From the bottom of my heart, dearest Science Mike, I have never loved you more. You’ve torn my heart to pieces with your words and your tears. Were I in your circle of beautiful friends, I too would keep hold of your hand and not let go. And, texts or no texts, I would consider myself privileged indeed to know you 💙

I’ve just started listening to the latest episode of The Liturgists after sitting Zazen - I guess I must be one of the six @vishnu 😂

Ok so I just watched my first ever ‘The Rock’ film @mike. I’m officially hooked. And I have three degrees?!? One of them’s even a masters 🤣😂🤣

I’m reading a strange but interesting book. Teachings from God by Courtney Amundson. I’ve never read a channeled book before apart from listening to some of A Course in Miracles on YouTube. Anyway, a line really jumped out at me today that I think is quite profound and worth contemplation - ‘Treat God as you would like to be treated as God’.

Given in and gone for a paid plan on my poetry blog so no more nasty adverts on there 🤗


So I’ve never listened to a podcast episode 3 times back to back until now. Bravo @vishnu this was by far and away the best yet. Actually, they are just getting better and better. You gift us with what you do - well, the universe gifts us through you 😉 Book pre ordered, naturally. Oh and the ‘Esoteric Analogy Time’ jingle - 😂❤️😂❤️😂


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