IT Infrastructure/Security consultant, working with a number of early-stage healthcare tech startups in Minneapolis.

Straight, cis, bearded white male, married to an amazing woman for 17 years. Two boys in progress (10 and 13).

Sticking it out in an evangelical-style church, and making honest, well-intentioned effort at reform from the inside.

Attended the (amazing!!) Liturgists Gathering here in November which was one of the most transformative experiences in a long time.

@erik looks like we have a lot in common. I'm also sticking it out in my evangelical church, hoping to make a positive difference. :)


@trav @erik Me too. Mine’s Evangelical Anglican the UK. I’m just being there but not really saying anything although experiencing a madly triggered existential breakdown every time I listen to yet another reference to substitutionary atonement - just in my head of course. Wouldn’t want to make a scene. I am British after all 😂

@brynllan @trav Great work, team! :) At our church, the main blocker towards progress is an aging populace, the vast majority of which have been really comfortable spiritually, socially, and economically their entire lives, and haven’t really experienced challenge in any of those arenas. Productively convincing them that they may not have all the answers as to how things are is difficult on a good day, and impossible most of the time.

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