e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

Pardon the ‘conspiracy theory’ nature of this...

What do you think about the idea of christianity (in some form) being deliberately used to distract people? Religion peddled as a subversive, subservient arm of capitalism? Not all christianity, but I’m curious if it has been repurposed for political control in some cases.

A ludicrous example is this healthcare discussion that was entirely deflected on account of faith.



e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

@jezzy pretty much spot on! i’d heard this interview a while ago as my own “evangelical walls” were beginning to crumble and was stunned at the overtness and subtle injection of capitalism = jesus into the cultural consciousness: npr.org/2015/03/30/396365659/h

e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

@cajal That article gave me chills. Ahhh
It feels so weird to look back on my religious upbringing through this lens.

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