I may not be tooting as much (lots of work at the University) but I see you all.

Hey y'all. As you probably may have read / heard, central Mozambique (where I live, but 600km away from my city), got hit really hard by a Class 4 Cyclone - the Iday Cyclone. Death toll is in the hundreds, likely to climb to thousands. Tens of thousands displaced. If you're the type, prayers are welcome. Cash is even more welcome. Prayers+cash is the perfect combo. If you can, please consider donating to the relief effort. Thanks!

Fascism; far-right in Brazil 

Fascism; far-right in Brazil 

Fascism; far-right in Brazil 


I really hope that @evicoso is safe and sound. Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique really hard.

As I researched something in the bread chemistry literature (yes, we study such things), the ciabatta relies on a higher-than-average gluten ratio in the flour so the dough can rise and "hold" inside that trademark carbon dioxide large bubbles that arise from the fermentation process. Brazilian wheat flour is light on protein (around 8-9%) and I needed at least 15% to make it work.
So I made a few calculations, added some extra gluten to the recipe and voilá!

On a slightly lighter note, I finally got the ciabatta recipe right and made one that *looks* like a real one in the 12th try.

And even better: I could track it down the cause of my earlier failures: chemistry.

In a matter of two days, the U.S. government will recieve the facist, far right-wing presdent of Brazil for a reception.

Of the people scheduled to be in this reception, there is the self-appointed philosopher Olavo de Carvaho (who believes that Pepsi-cola is made of aborted fetuses cells). Ah, and Steve Bannon as well.

Don't you dare to tell me that the U.S. government care for Human rights after that.

mass shootings 

mass shootings 

Well, it seems that the Liturgists "IT team" have decided to try Discourse for an alternative social media for groups and discussions.
Patrons only. Fair enough. Hosting a Rails server have its costs.

But, since I can't be a Patron, that means I'm locked out. :/

mass shootings 

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