I may sound naive and young... that's okay because I am.

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@centurion other than that time we make a sacrifice to Poseidon, I’ve got nothing.

Has anyone messed with the occult at all? I love the aesthetic (4 wing showing) and secrecy but can't get my head around the practice or vast libraries of info.

Language and church stuff: 

Please! Keep in mind the UMC today. They’re currently voting to allow the ordination and marriage of lgbtq+ folk in the United Methodist Church.

My favorite videos on the internet are people being pulled on stage to play with an artist or gospel music. This one is kinda both


“Comprehension is not a requisite of cooperation”- Council Member, The Matrix Reloaded

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In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. - Martin Luther King Jr. #famous #quotes

Omgods Scot McKnight is coming to speak at our church and I could not be ANY more excited

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Thoughts on the recent Liturgists episode on Buddhism. 

@WilliamMatt22 Thank you SO much for your excellent interviewing skills in the first Buddhism episode of the podcast. You added so much to the conversation while giving your incredible, well spoken, and thoughtful questions to Bushi.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Further, Bushi is an incredible voice for the community, for christianity, for buddhism, for america, and for humanity.

I'm drawn to silence after that wonderful conversation.

Thank you

I'm michael a musician, poet, reader, time waster, and human.

currently in Florida. I'm a (covert) atheist worship leader.

I'm trying my best to stay in a mindfulness practice and have found Sam Harris' "waking up" app helpful.

I'm a long time listener of the liturgists and am excited to learn about this community.

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