Hey all! I'm not sure if there has been anything posted about this yet, but you all should check out Andrew Yang who is running for president. Everyone I've seen seems to love him. Conservatives, liberals, libertarians, etc. His main policy that he's running off of is Universal Basic Income.

Check out his policies here: yang2020.com/policies/

He also has some great interviews with different people on YouTube.

Great reminder for 9s who often forget their voice matters. Remember that what you have to say is important. What you have to say makes a difference. Your voice matters. Your voice is needed.

Gossip posts on Mastodon = “Juicy Toots.”


Here are different platforms that don't track data and market privacy:

Email: ProtonMail
Web Browser: Firefox
Search Engine: DuckDuckGo
Texting: Signal

Let me know if you guys know of any other services that prioritize privacy!

New here. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. 👋 Give me a follow and I'll follow ya back.

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