“Many seemingly progressive churches seem so only because they are young. Their theology is actually fairly conservative, but it dresses up in leather leggings and cool hats. When it comes time to dig beneath the surface, what you’ll find isn’t all bad, but it isn’t much more forward-thinking than the churches our parents grew up in. It just looks a little cooler.”

@christian_rincon ahh yes this is one of the things that keeps me shying away from churches - this shiny, alluring veneer that gets put on but underneath is the same old thing I have no interest in.

@christian_rincon The thing that really baffles me are the liberal-leaning millennials who continue to attend these churches even knowing about the fairly conservative theology. I don't know how to explain or understand that.

@bopie5 I think sometimes these places avoid having an “official stance” on certain things. I went to a church where many of my friends were part of the LGBTQ community and so I assumed the best in the church on that topic. Later their official stance was unaffirming and they all left but honestly it was unaffirming the whole time, they just assumed no one would be openly gay and ask to be on leadership.

@christian_rincon I suspect that there are 2 issues. #1) Chuirch planeters knowingly putting a hip gloss on the same old stale theology. #2) Sometimes, we think we are growing and progressing but we end up playing the same game and just moving a few deck chairs around on the titanic. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor) I am thinking about the people who describe themselves as affirming, deconstructing, etc. But they just carry the old judgemental attitudes and apply them to a different group.

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