A great episode of one of my favorite podcasts. Cool hearing it from a perspective outside of the deconstruction/reconstruction/exvangelical circles.


If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and watch the first two episodes of The Twilight Zone reboot. You can do a free trial of CBS All Access. Not an ad, just such a fan of this creative. Wow.

“When I think I see a Buddhist worshipping a statue, I yield to the Buddhist when he tells me he is not worshipping the Buddha but honoring the Buddha’s example. When I think I see a Muslim woman constrained by her headscarf, I listen when she tells me how she fought to wear it against her family’s wishes. As natural as it may be to try to translate everything into my own religious language, I miss a lot when I persist in reducing everything to my own frame of reference.”

A must read.

I’m just through part one of the latest The Liturgists ep but man this quote:

“Divine perfection is precisely the ability to include imperfection and that’s God’s prerogative. But what we have usually operated out of is the human notion of perfection which is almost always the exclusion of seeming imperfection.”

- Fr Richard Rohr


For those who are fans/readers of Austin Channing Brown -- she is launching a Kickstarter next week for a web talk show with the goal of asking the hard questions about racial justice through conversation with intellectuals, artists, writers, and activists.

Stay updated: tnqshow.com/

@nonnatus lol I just want to live in darker hours later and not switch back ever.

@Ricci I agree for sure but I also think we can execute on multiple solutions. Tax loopholes closed and marginal tax rate hiked would be a great start.

Charting income inequality in America. Consider people up in arms about being taxed marginally on a small portion of their fortune. Trigger warning that the chart in the video because it is STAGGERING.


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