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I wish I could post a transcript from my pastor’s message this morning but the topic was how the church in Acts begins as not only an inclusive one but an integrated one with regards to sexuality and gender identification.

He addressed the LGBTQA+ members of the congregation & explained how they aren’t an “issue” the Church is deciding on but people impacted by those decisions. He assured, regardless of what the Church decides, that this place will always be a place where they are integrated.

@TrelaH @mike I’m so sorry it was a bigger crowd than I thought and I made a beeline to meet with Mike and thought I might see you two but to no avail. Definitely will meet IRL soon :)

The tradition continues. 🚀🤓

Thankful for this brave friend who includes all and has endless capacity for love and understanding.


@Rachael @Brandon this morning my pastor spoke on the sheep/goat lesson and how it wasn’t meant to create a dichotomy between good and bad, etc but to show people that to care for the least of these (widow, orphan, prisoner, refugee, marginalized) is correct and anything else is incorrect. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

Great Sunday morning!

“The way you choose to treat each others is the God you have chosen to worship/believe in.”

Also some cool ways I thought of to do life with people experiencing homelessness:

- Sharing a meal
- Donate clothing directly to them
- Use freelance money to bless them directly
- 10% of groceries (off the top) goes to a homeless person

Have a great day!

For those in attending the High Museum of Art next door to the church is free on the Second Sunday of every month which includes today! It’s a great museum if you’re in the area early and want to kill some time 🤓

About to watch the great Barry Jenkins’ “If Beale Street Could Talk”.

Will report back soon ✨

Evangelical Circus 

@slross Lol yeah absolutely, that’s a great point. I feel like a church that is actually justice focused and progressive would be very hesitant to use its offering for a $10,000 lighting system or to avoid talking about white privilege.

@lydia Wow did we go to the same church? I had the same situation happen and the tipping point was around their response to Ferguson. Not a prayer for those affected or moment of silence or sermon helping the communities heal. No acknowledgement. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a place where justice mattered.

@bopie5 I think sometimes these places avoid having an “official stance” on certain things. I went to a church where many of my friends were part of the LGBTQ community and so I assumed the best in the church on that topic. Later their official stance was unaffirming and they all left but honestly it was unaffirming the whole time, they just assumed no one would be openly gay and ask to be on leadership.

@hope yeah it’s wild, I’ve noticed it too. My girlfriend attends an Episcopal church that is fully affirming and uses inclusive language while also having liturgy and other traditional rituals. I attend a Methodist one that is in the same vein.

“Many seemingly progressive churches seem so only because they are young. Their theology is actually fairly conservative, but it dresses up in leather leggings and cool hats. When it comes time to dig beneath the surface, what you’ll find isn’t all bad, but it isn’t much more forward-thinking than the churches our parents grew up in. It just looks a little cooler.”

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