Y'all. Can someone please remind me going forward that I am not, nor do I have to be, The Republican Whisperer?

deconstructing religion 

Things I was confused by that probably should have led me to deconstruct sooner #23 Having to actively accept Christ sounds an awful lot like a "work" you have to do to get into heaven which you're not supposed to have to do, and if it's by grace we're saved doesn't that mean we don't have to do anything?

Posted what might be my favorite podcast I’ve ever made this afternoon.

I (and our appropriately nervous manager) would love to hear your reactions and thoughts. 😄


@vishnu Just finished your YHWH podcast, and as I was caught off guard by the unexpectedly beautiful ending. Especially because my podcast player immediately, with no break, cut to where I left off listening to your last podcast, where you and @Lisagungor were talking about your favorite sex positions and trying to throat sing. It was so delightfully silly and earthy, and such a perfect picture of what YHWH was saying that I didn’t realize the episode had ended, I thought you did it on purpose!

@vishnu I'm feeling a sense of love and happy tears as I finished your book just now. Our life experiences have been fairly different, but I've been finding myself in a similar growing awareness, and I felt a bit like I was reading my own thoughts as they unfold (in a manner of speaking, I was 😊). Thank you very much for sharing it - it's enormously beautiful.

We have a shared love for Ram Dass and Alan Watts, and I'm grateful for the paradigm and consciousness shift they guided me in.


Person 1: We should have some kind of insurance to lift the financial burden of medical expenses.
Person 2: Yeah, that could be really good for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities who don't make a lot of money because they can't perform full time jobs.
Person 1: No.
Person 2: What.
Person 1: This is only for full time workers.
Person 2: But that -
Person 1: *puts finger on person 2's lips* shhhhhh. Don't think about it.

It's okay if you fall apart sometimes.
Tacos fall apart and we still love them.

Prompt: You're Stan, in charge of Heck. 

Curséd are the souls
Of those who skip in line.

Curséd if you borrow my pencil
And refuse to return what's mine.

Doomed are the devils
Who dare to turn without a signal.

Doomed if you start a fire
And leave the embers to all kindle.

Lost are all the bullies
Who hurt kids who have no place.

Lost if you don't tell the truth
Simply to save one's face.

Shame for the citizens
Who shout a foul word.

Shame if you let your cats
Eat all of nature's birds.

Started getting a little overwhelmed with the requests for the awakening sessions (which have been so fun and beautiful!), so I got a website to help automate the process. It's www.awakeningsessions,.com if you're interested ❤️

@clarissa apparently these are the type of fictional scenarios my subconscious creates while I’m sleeping.

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@clarissa But then I realized that I could literally just write whatever names I wanted because it was my job. So I wrote in Harris and Warren and AOC (I know she isn’t running, it was a dream, calm down), and I knew I would probably lose my internship but it was worth it because now all the kick-ass ladies could have a chance again.

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Last night I had a dream that I was an intern in whatever office decides who the Democratic candidates will be in the primaries, and it was going to mostly men (Biden, Bernie, Buttigeg, Beto), because the women had already been taken off the list for one reason or another ().

I’ve been doing these “awakening sessions” with some people and it’s been kind of incredible. People waking up to THIS right in front of my eyes has been a breathtaking sight. If you’re interested in booking a Skype session with me, email thissatsang@gmail.com (this is the first time I’m telling people about this outside of one to one communication... don’t have a bunch of extra time, but feel the need to make this available for the people who are supposed to do this)

Idea: WebMd for chronically ill people. Like, it can adjust to what your "normal" is and tell you when something is worth you panicking about...and also won't tell you to go to the hospital for things you know are normal for you. It could also ask if the symptom is more than usual or not. That kind of thing.

An Easter deconstruction poem, for anyone who might need it this weekend ❤️

An Easter deconstruction poem, for anyone who might need it this weekend ❤️

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