So we're all obviously on Mastodon, which means we all think , but what do we think about Amazon? It's a huge corporation. But I use Prime so much. Should I not? Thoughts?

@clint I struggle with these things personally. I use Facebook for certain podcast closed groups, Amazon for prime and kindle, Google for maps,docs,drive,YouTube,search when ddg fails to find what I'm looking for. I don't like Facebook having any of my information since the 2016 election. I don't like Amazon's exploitation of warehouse workers or smaller businesses. I don't trust Google since developing ai for the Pentagon's death machines. They seem to have abandoned their do no evil claus

@Er3mos Agreed. It's just so much, that I'm not sure how to divorce my life from these companies. Plus, it's a lot of convienience that I'd be doing away with. 😞

@clint One thing at a time there cowboy. I still get my Capri Suns at Walmart.

Seriously though, you have a point. Facebook has exploited our information, but what about Amazon? Is it the corporate boogeyman? Or is it just giving us what we want? How do I address the consumerism in me? I am seriously struggling with my materialism and how that contributes. I’m looking into the minimalism and living simply.

@andrayjones Yeah!

For me, it was a pretty easy decision to scrap fb... I rarely participated in it. Twitter I still enjoy, but I rarely post. But companies like Amazon or Google, I use those all the time.

The big three in tech are Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. There's no avoiding them if you go on the internet, even if you don't go to their sites or use their products, because so many things are hosted on their data centers through their public cloud offerings. Facebook is slightly more reasonable to avoid (though still difficult).

@clint I too use Amazon a lot. I think what we must must do is wrestle with our decision to use it. Our consciences ought not be bound by others. Currently, I’m comfortable with it. But, I’m in a constant state of reflection regarding its use.

@clint That's a tough call for sure. It's like deciding to start caring about climate change....where do I start! Like you I'm feeling a little confused but excited about the possibilities. Small changes and adjustments in our habits to make a bigger impact globally. We may never be able to fully disassociate with some of these internet giants but if we're intentional about it we can make a difference.

@clint I’m trying to figure out how to get away from Amazon. Not because of how big they are, but my town is cutting arts funding and services because of budget shortfalls from losses in tax revenue. I’m not pay local sales tax so my community has less art, theater, and community events.

@Noah wow, that really sucks. Let me know what you come up with.

@clint From what I understand @mike is hosting this instance in France and that does not necessarily mean AWS. I know plenty of cloud providers that house their own infrastructure. If Science Mike was careful enough to select the region then I trust he carefully looked into the hosting service.
That being said, I use Amazon Prime personally and AWS for work. It's hard to break away from these companies.

@shawn Yeah, that's also what I understood @mike to have said. I have to admit, I have a website for a side business I run and I don't even know if it's hosted with AWS.

@clint I’m interested in what people think about this. I truly believe fb is harmful and invasive as it stirs up trouble and they sell our information. I think amazon as a company is probably one of the good guys though. They do so much for small businesses, they help give people a real opportunity to get a business off the ground and they promote a lot of really small businesses if they have better deals than the bigger companies. And from what I’ve learned they don’t sell people’s info.

@clint I dislike companies sharing information on my buying habits though so I always delete my browser history and don’t allow cookies and all that stuff. It creeps me out when I get targeted ads so I’ve always been careful to not download apps that do any kind of listening, or anything like that as well. I guess in the end we have to decide which companies are out to work for the people and which are out for themselves like fb. I think amazon has good intentions at the end of the day.

I mean, Amazon is pretty horrible, speaking from an ethical standpoint.
But also, there is no such thing as ethical consumption under late stage capitalism. There is literally no way to escape the cycle of exploitation that society has mandated, short of destroying the system itself. 🙃


Nah, the system is screwed. We gonna burn it 🔥🔥🔥


Metaphorically, I'm not advocating terrorism.


I'm always an eyelash away from becoming an eco terrorist.
All about it.
@zfrazier @clint

@clint There are a lot of reasons not to use Amazon, but with it being so difficult to completely avoid, I use it sparingly and try to make sure to order things all at once, considering the environmental impact. And I'm making the transition to minimalist/DIY/less waste life, like buying secondhand, making hand soap, cloth napkins, and shopping local.

@clint i use amazon as little as possible. really. they're a terrible terrible company from what i read. alright with the customers but not with their workers. i live in a big city though and there are shops everywhere, so there's that.

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