Guys, y'all are all great. Seriously one of the best social media experiences I've had. But I still don't think I enjoy having more serious conversations over the internet. Maybe that's just me.

@clint I feel you. Impersonal vulnerability is weird -- but I'm so happy to have a place to open up and ask questions when I need to.

Well anyway, here's a GIF!

@clint see also: "Bowling Alone". We crave the immediacy of in person connection, but have created a society which negates it.

@Schusfuster @clint

Todd, I what is "bowling alone"? Richard Beck was talking about this concept, so I think I'm tracking.

@Schusfuster @Matr I've been hearing things about Bowling Alone for years. Maybe it's about time I actually read the damn thing.


Not just you. Love this space as well... But I had been creating some space from social media, and though the conversations are weighty and honest, I feel the weight of trying to sound impressive, of checking for notifications, and the constant difference between face to face and online conversations.

@Matr Yeah. It's definitely not immune to some of those negative aspects of SM like you mentioned... trying to sound impressive, checking for notifications. I guess one of the ways I try to mitigate that is not taking it too seriously.

@Matr it helps that we're really both just tooting at each other.

@clint however, I will also note that some of us live in circumstances where we can only ever have serious conversations online. If you have the option for brick world conversation, you are blessed.

@Schusfuster Yeah, I recognize that. And I'm glad people can participate in this kind of community when they can't have one irl.

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