Apparently the Oscars are on? I'm just here reading The Two Towers and drinking wine.

@Matr it helps that we're really both just tooting at each other.

@Schusfuster Yeah, I recognize that. And I'm glad people can participate in this kind of community when they can't have one irl.

@Matr Yeah. It's definitely not immune to some of those negative aspects of SM like you mentioned... trying to sound impressive, checking for notifications. I guess one of the ways I try to mitigate that is not taking it too seriously.

@Schusfuster @Matr I've been hearing things about Bowling Alone for years. Maybe it's about time I actually read the damn thing.

Guys, y'all are all great. Seriously one of the best social media experiences I've had. But I still don't think I enjoy having more serious conversations over the internet. Maybe that's just me.

No, but it sounds interesting. Would you recommend?

Same. I was never that active on FB or Twitter, but I'm enjoying this much more.

Saw someone I knew at the gym... so I guess it's time to change gyms... 😂

When I was in college I thought about it a lot. Now, maybe once a week? Not really sure what changed.

spiritual stuff, sacred geometry 

@elzbieta Not at all! I may not personally subscribe to woo-y/new age thinking, but that doesn't mean its not fun to consider!

spiritual stuff, sacred geometry 

@elzbieta never even heard of this, but i'm interested.

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