@Joy_concepcion My personal experience is that 8s can be the most tender and vulnerable once they feel safe. On Enneagram panels they are among the most heartbreaking. So... glad that you are representing. And Big Five is the primary scholars/empirical personality system, and it involves traits that fall along a bell curve (so people are likely to have at lease some middling traits). Four of the five correlate with MBTI.

@Amelia They are all constructs or lenses (or just categorization systems). The BigFive (or Big 5) is the most empirical of the bunch, and correlates pretty highly with the MBTI on four traits out of five. But the traits generally fall on a bell curve, so there aren't crisp types. The enneagram is less empiracal (at least today), but I find it useful as far as unhealthy defense mechanisms.

BTW, if anyone wants to talk personality theory like (5w4 sx), MBTI (INFP), or (RCUAI, although yes, it's on a bell curve), I'm up for that.

@mattwiebe Thanks, Matt! And it's not like facebook makes me super anxious... more like I squelch myself down to a super narrow (and bland) version of myself that won't offend my conservative friends from high school, or some of my crazy liberal (and more recent) gay friends. Plus the general fear of being judged.

Howdy, I'm a 50 year old gay computer programmer with more than a smidge of social anxiety (which doesn't make social media particularly easy). Enneagram 5w4 sx & INFP. Grew up fundamentalist but after coming out mostly identify as agnostic, but the liturgists are good for providing a pro-Christian perspective.

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