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if you're like me, and relatively new to mastodon, check out this super helpful guide via @kev

@mike listened to y'all speak a few times at the goose, but didn't have a chance to talk in person. just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do, and hope you're doing well! looking forward to connecting in the future.

It's okay if you fall apart sometimes.
Tacos fall apart and we still love them.

I'm at the point where I'm seeing decentralization and community control of production as less of a means to slowly move away from capitalism, and more of a crucial effort to ensure our communities' survival when capitalism inevitably and imminently collapses

Once you pay attention, you start to notice that once the 18-wheelers stop coming, most of us are fucked. Especially now, when most of our possessions are designed to be ephemeral to force us to regularly replenish them

You can't rely on the internet to always give you that information once you need it. You need not only the knowledge, but the experience to keep things running after our lifelines are cut. We need DIY culture and local infrastructure now

I just read these four questions, and then sat for several moments, allowing myself to contemplate the wonder of this. Allowing myself some tears of gratitude, falling over a smile of amazement. I - my words fall short right now.

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Oh good. Facebook gives advertisers your two factor authentication phone number.

<< They found that when a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks. >>

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”

Silicon Valley is the height of neofeudalism. Let San Francisco's homeless eat 3D-printed Google cakes.

That’s what we call a lock-in, a monopoly over our lives. Cutting from them even if we don’t pay them anything willfully has a price we pay in time, effort and money.

They catch us in their webs and never let go.

#techGiants #gafam

social justice hot take (261 words) 

1. Fight for everybody.

2. Our opponent is not people, it is systems built around beliefs.

3. On the privileged end every access of privilege and marginalization, there are still marginalized people. When you throw stones at the entire group, they are the first and hardest hit.

4. Bigotry and supremacism damage everybody. It costs people to renounce and send elsewhere what a biased system would give them, but feminism can get men out of toxic masculinity, anti-racism can get white people away from con artists selling racial scapegoats, trans liberation can free cis people from restrictive gender roles ... when we choose to fight for social justice, we help the privileged as well.

5. Unless we make these places that could help them violent towards them. Unless we demand that they put up with repeated harassment without complaint. Unless we make these places too toxic for them to survive.

6. All of us have things to learn and unlearn. The people on our side are the people willing to change, willing to apologize, and willing to speak and act - and however much privilege tries to stop the privileged from doing that and marginalization forces the marginalized to see the problem, you will find people doing that from everywhere, and people refusing to do that from everywhere.

7. We /have/ allies. They exist. They fought a hard road to understand their way here, to a place where they can fight for us. We don't owe them cookies, but we sure as hell don't owe them landmines.

8. Solidarity forever.

My new rule is that if they force you to look at an ad to read it, it must not be important news.

I had to remind my wife that day-drinking has been acceptable since November of 2016.

there i go again, tooting about the weather like i live in minnesota or something.

Describing widely accepted aspects of daily life as "a failed experiment" is my hobby.

I started small, with 401(k)/defined-contribution retirement planning— but now I've done it for market-based healthcare, cars, captialism, and "logging on."

Who knows what might be next!

@mike saw this pop up in my feed. not sure if it would be helpful, but the question in the post made me think i should pass it along and get your eyes on it for liturgists social media options...

users, what app are y'all using? i'm currently on the standard release of and it seems great (was using the nightly version, but had a few issues where my home feed stopped refreshing occasionally)

yesterday i significantly cut back my work hours, in large part to create some margin to deal with anxiety. (beyond thankful this is even a possibility for my family)

today i'm spontaneously celebrating a short workday with a drink and lunch on my own. i rarely do it, but for me it can feel great to go out alone but be "with" people.

there are so many ways to manage the things we deal with. give yourself permission to do what it takes to find a healing and healthy space.

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