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God loves things by becoming them.

God loves things by uniting with them, not by excluding them.

-Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ

Hey Liturgists fam - our little corner of the fediverse is apparently pretty hoppin! on the site, we are 52/5200 (top 1%!) in terms of number of users (3084), but 199/5200 in terms of toots - I guess that means we are less chatty than average. Thank you @mike for setting this up, and giving us an alternative to the Zuckerberg/Dorsey dystopian vision of social media. Good to be here with all of you!

Today the US Army tweeted a Memorial Day-themed question, and it's backfired on them horrifically.

There are thousands of replies from people detailing how joining the military completely ruined the lives of them and their loved ones.


Happiness is not having to set your alarm clock when you go to bed.

Had another excruciatingly painful hamstring cramp last night - 2nd this year. I would rate it 9/10 on the pain scale. I can't not scream when these cramps come on. Seems to happen after a harder-than-average run, and I don't get "enough nutrients." If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid these in the future, I'm all ears…

Required to take yet another random drug screening for work - incredibly demeaning

USPS Pro Tip: If you are sending photos, just write PHOTOS on the envelope and not DO NOT BEND - those words count as Special Instructions and can cost you extra. The postal carriers understand the implied instructions when seeing "Photos" on the envelope. (At least, that's what the person at the counter told me!)

Any recommendations for a secret Facebook support group for AMAB who is transitioning?

Federated timeline phew - lotta chaff to get to the wheat

I want to know what happened on Game of Thrones that has everyone mad, but also I don't actually care about Game of Thrones.

Capitalism: "Damn, we've run out of markets. There are no new products to make, every niche is full, everyone's needs are satisfied. What will we do?"
The Smalt guy: "Wait, wait... What if your salt shaker had MOOD LIGHTING?"

The biggest obstacle to Christian witness in the US is not secularism, but a Christianity unashamedly shaped by the flag, the gun, and the dollar.

-Rich Villodas (@richvillodas)

@brightneedle Hi Ruth! Nice to meet you here. Can I ask how you found me? I'm always trying to find interesting people on other mastodon instances, but it seems very hit-or-miss. Is there a list of "good" mastodon instances you have found? Some other method?

Today, the United States of America sacrificed Kendrick Castillo to the gods of the gun industry, yet another child in a long line of senseless deaths. Who will we sacrifice next? Your child? Your grandchild?

The choice is ours to make.

It is so maddening to see more children being killed, because we worship our guns here in the US. What will it take for the sacrifices to the gods of the gun industrial complex to stop?

I never got to meet Rachel, but I very much enjoyed her writings, her joy of life, her love of scripture, and her unrelenting search for truth and love. It was always a pleasure when she appeared on Ask Science Mike and The Liturgists podcasts.

You will be missed greatly by your family, friends, and all those you have touched with your words.

Thank you Lord for your servant Rachel Held Evans, and we all look forward to gathering again in the next life.

@conrad They *just* posted an update that she died earlier this morning. πŸ˜₯ There are no words.

Rachel Held Evans is still not out of the woods yet - the latest info from her husband:

Apr 30 The neurology team at the hospital is weaning Rachel off of the coma medication. This is a multi-day process that started a few days ago. This is not the first attempt at weaning but it is the first attempt at the current facility. Our hope is that she has had time to heal, the medications used are helpful, and the seizures won’t start again.

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