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God loves things by becoming them.

God loves things by uniting with them, not by excluding them.

-Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ

The story of Noah's Ark in the Bible is not a children's story. I realize now it should never be taught to children. Do we tell the stories of OT slaughters cheerfully in Sunday School? Only adults who understand God is not vindictive should really delve into it.

Huge news - @mike has left The Liturgists! I hope he tells us more here.

Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

Always check the half-n-half before adding to your coffee β˜•οΈπŸ‘ƒ

I hope the conversation goes as well as possible - blessings to you!

If you care at all about the Star Wars universe and/or story continuity and/or decent script writing, don't see The Rise of Skywalker - it's a bad movie.

Don't buy the New Yorker cartoon page-a-day calendar, unless you like your humor drier than the Gobi desert

Bracing for all the bad "Vision 2020" puns soon to arrive

Life hack: Use denture cleaner tablets to remove stubborn coffee buildup on the inside of your stainless steel coffee mug. Soak overnight; in the morning the inside will look like you just bought it!

Just moved - what an ordeal. Only one lamp shade and some dresser legs broken. The legs are repairable. Now the unboxing commences!

I love it when the kids in my sunday school class come and give me a big hug - really makes my day πŸ€—

The Center for Action and Contemplation's "Conspire 2020" conference sold out in less than a day on Nov 11 - just discovered that today 😳 - I was really hoping to go 😞

I got double orange food group for lunch today - carrots AND doritos! πŸ₯•πŸŸ (no doritos-like emojis but I typed in 'junk' in the search field and fries came up - good enough 😁)

google hires anti-union consultants, article link 

Really frustrated today at family members who value their guys above the lives of children. And they call themselves followers of Jesus. Maranatha!

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