Oh man @mike was in the hospital with a heart condition! He is doing better, but still has work to do. Please do what ever you do - good vibes, prayers, warm fuzzies - he'll take them all.

@mike You mean SO MUCH to so many. Holding you in the light as you move towaard healing. You are loved.

@conrad @mike Thanks for letting me know Conrad. I'll pray Mike is okay.

@Krismsheedy @conrad @mike

Holy Shit Mike!

Look into my eyes!

You have shared so much of yourself with us. Enough (I believe) that I can say I honestly love you. Strange as that might be. I am certain I'm joined by hundreds of thousands in this love.

Be well.
Ask for what you need.
Ask for $$$ from us if you need it.
Ask for time away if you need it.
You are our friend, not our servant.

@Krismsheedy @conrad @mike

As usual, my initial response was pretty aggressive. Sorry if it was too aggressive.

@conrad @mike WE ALL LOVE YOU! Do what you need to do to heal. Also - that line about your heart literally breaking for Rachel? 👌

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