Had a great time last night at my league's last poker game. Attendance has fallen off too much to continue having regular games. It was a great night!

My daughter ran her first 5K today - got second in her age group (10-12). We're pretty excited here 😁

Starting to install solar panels on my church building - Millersburg (OH) Mennonite

I was finally catching up with old Liturgists podcasts, when I heard Vishnu say Walking my Dog in the Rain was almost the title of _This_ 😳 I almost ran my car off the road.

Satire is about speaking truth to power, and pointing out hypocrisy/shortcomings.

The Babylon Bee is indeed going after a powerful international corporation, but the "hypocrisy" they point out is failure to idolize gun possession at any cost.

How can a Christian (a "Little Christ") organization worship weapons of death, when they purport to follow someone who invites us to lay down our lives, and, "In all things, do to others what you would have them do to you"?

A huge limb of a tree in front of our house came down today. Fortunately, no personal or property damage *at all*, which is a small miracle. An arborist told us last year, This tree is dangerous and needs to come down now. Maybe the village will take that seriously now.

Ran my 5th half marathon today - it was very lousy weather (40ΒΊ, wind, rain), but I had a very good run in spite of recovering from a hamstring injury. I keep thinking I'm still 25 but my body disagrees with me. πŸ˜„

My daughter has now combined two of her favorite things: math and scatological humor.

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