We are in for the concert tonight! Flew in yesterday from Calgary AB Canada to catch the show! Can’t wait to see you @vishnu @Lisagungor

@vishnu I am in love with the synths in “Stream of Consciousness” especially the hits in the beginning -like a distorted bell. Did you develop those sounds yourself?

animal extinction 

Some days it’s hard to be part of the human race. I remember this horrible photo of a female hunter standing with her “trophy kill” giraffe. Heartbreaking. healthyfoodhouse.com/its-offic

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Been a rough week, but it was great shedding tears with a faithful community this morning.

I love my church. Took a long time to find a community like this :)

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@vishnu I organized the archives and everything into 3 playlists like the original trilogy on SPOTIFY just so everybody knows. theyre titled as youd expect. only song i couldnt find was "moon song"

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Pacifism is the opposite of cowardice. it's being willing to fight for your values and putting those above the value of your own skin.


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Toot! v1.5.1 has now also been released.


This fixes a few bugs from 1.5 that got through into the release. Nothing new or exciting, just works a bit better.

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@vishnu and Lisa thank you so much for oh wow. My soul is full. So good to hear these songs again and for the first time.

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My husband saying:

“the first day you’re gone on a work trip, it’s kind of cool and I can do whatever I want - the second day, it’s like - ok, come home now”

is now my favorite real-life compliment of all time.

✈️ 💼 ....................💏

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I love this comic I found on r/Christianity. Thought it would be appreciated here.

racism America 

Just watched and I’m moved and uncomfortable which is a good thing. This movie is a much needed statement for our time.

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Twitter is so angry....this place is like a peaceful haven. Grateful.

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@vishnu @mike I’d really like a “fuck you, I’m a goat” T-shirt at some point pls

I’ve been playing lots of lately and the song “Wandering” from I Am Mountain really struck me. My band will be playing this one at church so I made a chord chart if anyone is interested: tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/user/

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@vishnu I'm glad you're giving yourself the time and space to grieve. I'm also sad to see the end of Gungor, but happy I found you guys in the first place! One Wild Life has been my life soundtrack for the past couple years. Thanks for all the work you've created and shared. :) (Tell Lisa thanks, too!)

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