I had some time before the open mic started this evening. A fellow poet commented on how they wished nature wouldn't be put on a pedestal in poetry, but instead follow the satirical-yet-almost-literal footsteps of Pablo Neruda's poems (and they sound great in English as well, so check out his Ode to a Tomato to get what I mean)

It's nothing close to any of Neruda's works of art, but I think it does a good job of expressing my fellow poet's frustration.

I took a big step yesterday. I spoke to my father on the phone for the first time in almost a decade. It went well, a lot of small talk, and the only mention of the past was when he said, "I'm really glad to be talking to you," and I said, "I just needed time." He agreed that we both needed time and that he wasn't in a good place when we parted ways ten years ago. I invited him to call me anytime and we can talk more.

Personal faith 

Sometimes God likes to drop giant truth bombs on me while I'm just about to fall asleep, and then I'm really irritated because I don't have a way to write down what's getting imparted through a sudden stroke of understanding something.

Nondual. Love. Light. Life. "God." Justice. Joy. Peace. Holiness. Wholeness. Shalom.

Are these and the other useful corollary terms all not the same thing? Is it not that we think they are not the same thing that keeps us from experiencing the fullness of whatever it is that is the foundation of reality? Random thoughts on a Friday evening... I understand if no one understands what I am trying to say. I might not either...

The grapevine never ceases to produce whispers, just as I expected people whom I have not told about my faith change have heard because of my marriage ending. Thanks to everyone here whose been supportive. @OpenMoose @craigscottroberts @Krismsheedy @rebekahcrabs @markjperkins @conrad @sound If my faith community decides they can't have someone spreading other ideas of God then at least I have you guys. 🤞 🤞

I legitimately struggle with almost every “I’m not a robot” test online.

So in light of the Journaling topic in @mike @hillarymcbride do any of you use journals? Physical? Apps or other

I just recorded the first two episodes for the podcast I’m creating. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve spent a lot of time learning and setting things up so that way it’ll be perfect. Hours have gone into making music, plotting out its theme, and learning how to actually edit a show before I ever came to this point here. I’m pretty stoked!

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