Another Cloudflare $NET insider dumping stocks like crazy. Hmm, what could this mean? Hard sell.

Cloudflare $NET does little to remedy serious repeat violators of its own Terms of Service, who are criminals. But it blocks innocent internet citizens. 🤔

If support is this bad for a paying customer, that puts into perspective how poor it is for victims reporting abuse. This from a company valued at $3.5 billion. $NET is choosing their destiny and it's riddled with failure.

Once again @Cloudflare $NET connected with a child porn website. Investors, shareholders, is this really a company you want to give your hard earned money?

R to @phyzonloop: Oh, this time it's a hardware issue, of course. Because Clouflare has no redundancy. Hmm.

ETA until @eastdakota claims another router configuration issue?

Cloudflare would never be transparent enough to admit a DDOS took them down. 🙄 $NET

Another reason to dump $NET aside from their horrible record on abuse remediation.

Watch companies leave Cloudflare in mass due to repeated outages. I wonder if that include that in their "bandwidth saved" reports in their dashboard 🤔 Your sites are more reliable without CF!

$NET down another -1.81% in premarket trading.

It's looking like another bad day for Cloudflare investors. Strong sell.

Because, karma.

R to @phyzonloop: Same as other scammer sites I've seen behind Cloudflare. Using Zen Cart, typos and spelling mistakes, extreme discounts on MAP priced goods, no login required to view "My Account", shared template/design, etc.

Scam sites behind >@CloudflareAbuse $NET (again)

So profitable they're using Google Ads to drive traffic. Frontend shows fashion items, Google Ads has a huge catalog of goods. Bogus contact info.


Uh oh. Principals and insiders dumping hundreds of millions of $NET.

My prediction is that @zatlyn will cash out and leave @Cloudflare before the end of the year and get out from under the thumb of the tyrant @eastdakota.

Investors beware.

"Cloudflare purport to be 'making the internet better' - given the fat stacks they are making off other peoples stolen IP, I can only imagine they are making the internet better for themselves." $NET

RT by @phyzonloop: And while large social media orgs have at least paid lip service to dealing with online hate. Cloudflare continues to stand as the bastion of protection of everything that is vile online including the chans.

They willingly provide a platform for hate sites because profits.

RT by @phyzonloop: Don’t use Cloudflare if you can. They protect and effectively support all of the most vile content on the internet. Any business could find themselves sharing hosts with revenge porn sites or worse.
However often CF put those sites on the same nodes so it’s deliberate.

$NET Cloudflare stocks plunged today, ending -7.82% and continuing to free-fall in after hours trading.

Because, karma. Hard sell.

I hope @eastdakota pays the price for his policy choices. Victimizing people without remorse through his support of online criminal activity.

$NET Cloudflare stocks continue to drop like a rock today, -6.39% and free-falling.

Because, karma. Hard sell.

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