This song was released today and it has me in tears. It's brilliant and beautiful, both lyrically and musically. Do you self a favor and have a listen.

I recently learned that Grand Rapids has had14% of available sunshine since November! 14%!!! Maybe this is the reason I’ve been feeling blah lately. Needless to say, the sunrise this morning was a welcomed sight.

I believe that those who are most likely to miss the Divine/Spiritual/Essence at work in the world are those most convinced they know exactly what to expect, look for, & by what rules “God” plays.

Was able to pick up “This” at the concert last night. Can’t wait to dive into it!

Buddhism Part 1 - “Prayer is a supplement. Prayer is a supplement to divine things.” “Prayer has never stopped a war...”

😦🤯😧 anyone else feeling their brain explode a bit... I’ve been away from all your toots the past week.

Church for me was going for a run while listening to the latest episode of podcast. 🤯

Self-Care/Keys to Remaining healthy:

Forgive first
Complain less
Be honest & humble
Be teachable & dare to change
Never take people or life for granted
Don’t let your job/work stress control you
Block all the hate & negativity
Judge less
Love more

Today’s reminders:

-unclench your jaw
-breathe deeply
-check your posture
-drink water
-check-in with your body & heart (where are you tight? what are you holding onto? where are you tense? anxious?)
-keep breathing
-love no matter what

I survived but I told my wife that is likely the last service I attend. Thanks for thinking of me. I love this community!

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Ok, wish me luck. I’m about to go to church and I’m very anxious. I’ve deconstructed enough to realize I need a break from church, or I at least need to find an LGBTQ affirming one. I can’t wait for these next 2 hours of my life to be done.

Got to take the dog for a walk for the first time in a week because of the frigid weather. Can you tell how happy she is? I am too! We survived the polar vortex! 😂

Hey everyone. Can we talk music? Any musicians that have been an intimate part of your deconstruction? I’ll start... Bears Den. Particularly this song.

Are there any other inter racial families out there through adoption? We adopted our 2 youngest from Uganda 10 years ago. We live in a mostly white community and it’s so hard to navigate the racists, bigoted things kids say to them. Plus one of them keeps telling us she doesn’t belong in our family. Anyone else out there in a similar situation?

Wish I had taken a pic of all of us together but I got to spend the day with some awesome fellow liturgists humans today and all I can say is this is the community I always knew I needed but didn’t think I’d ever find.

Hey everyone. My name is Dan and live in the area. Enneagram 4. Been in a tailspin for about 8 months now and I'm glad to be part of this community.

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