spiritual warfare (~) 

Thoughts on Christians who teach spiritual warfare to children and youth?

I serve in a youth group because I have relationships with the kids and love them dearly, and we're on a mission trip. Today we served with a very outspoken charismatic organization, and I find it very cringy.

Thoughts? Is it a harmful worldview, is it helpful to some, is it just a difference in metaphor...?

So I'm going to Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow. (The youth group I work for is doing a service/learning trip to engage in racial reconciliation and social justice education.)

I've never been to the South.
Any advice for me as a POC and a mystic Christian?

I presume everyone will be very nice, but I thought I'd ask in case anyone has any words to offer.

Three black transwomen were murdered this weekend. The life expectancy for a black transwoman in the USA is 31. I urge you to seek out ways to stand up for black transwomen in ways that are bigger and better and costlier and more human than posts like this on social media. :trans_heart:

To insist on a spiritual practice that served you in the past is to carry the raft on your back after you have crossed the river.

Advice for breaking up with church 

I think I need to break up with the PCA church I've attended weekly for 7 years. My views are radically different than when I became a member, and I don't feel like I can be honest there.

Here's the thing, my deconstruction happened under the radar and I've never outed myself, so as far as they know, everything is fine.

I've been putting this off for weeks because I don't know what to tell them, but pretty soon they'll notice I've stopped coming.

Any advice?

Hello! New to this platform. I would love to connect with those headed to the Portland Tabs and Wafers! Possibly start a little community for those in the area?

An inquiry for you scholars and philosophers -

Jesus and Paul both existed in a context greatly influenced by both Greek and Jewish philosophy. I'm curious if anyone has pointers or sources to which philosophers or philosophies can be seen in Jesus' or Paul's teachings (which certainly vary in many ways).

I'm interested for people to weigh in!

I didn't have a chance to listen to the meditation at the end of the audiobook, so I set a reminder with Google Assistant... Vish News needs to be a thing. @vishnu


I put on a shirt and pants every day, not because society says I should, but because they make me more confident and comfortable.

I put on my wedding ring because I continue to choose monogamy to a woman I love. Not because of social norms.

I choose to continue to believe in Christ.

My eyes are open. My choices are free.

My deconstruction threw off so many shackles. Reconstruction has been the embracing of my choices.

Why do people say "There's a first time for everything."? Everything is pretty big...

To any other classical or biblical scholars out there: how would you re-translate διακρίνω?

It's often rendered "to doubt" in NT, but as it doesn't really have this meaning anywhere outside the Bible in contemporary or prior uses, I'm beginning to doubt *hah* that this was ever its intended meaning even in the Bible.

I've been playing around with "determine", "decide", "distinguish", "divide", "over-analyze"...

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Rewriting the story - a tribute to Richard Rohr's Universal Christ 

I felt inspired to lay out my current understanding of the gospel story this morning in a blog post. Much of this is the product of the reconstruction I have undergone over the course of the past decade or so, but Richard Rohr's Universal Christ really helped me articulate it. The first part contains a traditional retelling of the gospel, so if that's triggering for where you are, please skip over this.


Hey everybody so instagram deleted Jamie Lee Finch’s account bc she was reported so much for sharing the cover of her new book, which features the body of a woman (GASP). Nipples not even exposed (regardless of that bullshit policy). If you’re on other social media would you join me in raising a damn stink to IG about this instafuckery?


It wouldn't be unreasonable to say that "Jesus Christ" is the source of my strength and in many ways, "my savior."

It's just that I don't see any reason to think he exists nor do I see any reason to think any "divine beings" exist.

And I haven't involved myself in that stuff in a long time because I have a LOT of serious problems with religion.

It's a strange experience. To be disconnected from the very culture that taught me strength through adversity.

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Coworker: hey look at this article about exercise and mortality

Me: 1. Who wrote this shit...

@mike Hey Mike! I've heard you reference a study a few times that suggests that people with an increased amount of "psilocybin-like neurotransmitter" view the world through a more magical lens. I find this fascinating because I've always struggled to feel any magic / spirituality, and it makes sense that my brain might be wired differently. So: 1) any chance you could link me to the study? and: 2) is this psilocybin-like neurotransmitter serotonin, or something more exotic?

Mainline dogmatism 

(2/2) The director is well-intentioned, but she just can't understand the value of speaking nuance and metaphor into these kids' faith lives. She made my boss cancel our guest speakers who were going to talk about science/faith, patriarchy in the Bible, among other things; she's even monitoring what he talks about.

I'm really trying to lean into my inner peace and love to pour it into the situation, but it'd be so much more satisfying to rage-quit to make a statement.

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Mainline dogmatism 

(1/2) My boss gave a talk at high school youth group about Christianity, and in it mentioned Christena Cleveland's work with Christ as Black Mother. He explained that more than just a Palestinian Jewish teacher, Christ can be a symbol for everyone suffering.

He got slapped on the wrist by the Family Ministry Director because "we shouldn't confuse kids or make them distrust the Bible, we should just use Scripture quotes to tell kids that God loves them."

My deep thanks and love to all of you who were so encouraging when I tooted my imminent proposal! We had a long and sometimes hurt-filled journey till this point (particularly, the loss of certain friendships and conflict with family members) - so it's wonderful to find so much wholesome support and love here.

We're now engaged! ❤️

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