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Since we’re starting to grow, it may be time to start with some . My name is Dan. I’ve been married to my best friend, Amy, for 21 years. We have two ridiculously great kids, Ethan (17) and Libby (15).

I lead Missional Communities in Southeastern Michigan. We are looking at building a network of Missional Communities and training women and men to lead more of these and become fresh incarnations of the church.

I am constantly deconstructing and reconstructing.

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People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid. - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard #famous #quotes

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"What's in that cave, do you suppose?"

"Nothing good."

"Oh, you've been in?"

"No, but nothing good ever comes of caves."

"I've heard some caves are nice, or important, or grand, or filled with stars."

"Nothing but rocks, ugly dirt-old art, guano, and worms."

"I think I'll take a look."

"You're an idiot to waste your time."

The curious one entered, found wonder and joy, and forgot the bitter one's words.

Some words are best forgotten anyway.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales

Has anyone else noticed that in many of Jesus' parables where there would be an Evangelical expectation of a call to faith there is instead a call to right living and they are way more inclusive than expected?

Also, I'm beginning to think that a proper hermeneutic on the parables is a "wide path" and "narrow way" perspective.

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I released a new on science literacty today. I hope people listen, because wow, we need more science literacy these days.

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I really, really wish I had known Rich Mullins. So honest about his doubts, struggles, and questions.

" is not the society of the successful but the fellowship of the forgiven." -- Rich Mullins

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Gossip posts on Mastodon = “Juicy Toots.”


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Today I was recognized in public. Because of the business I’m starting. Granted it was at the Vans store, where I was stocking up on my favorite boring t-shirts. But the employee working there knew who I was and it was weird and wonderful all at once. I don’t know what to feel.

But this picture my contractors put on Instagram made me cry, because they are amazing people who believe in the vision and are going above and beyond to make it excellent.

I am thoroughly enjoying National What Channel is Tru Day. My bracket is totally busted. Yours?

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#Patreon is putting up their prices, creators will get less of their fans' donations.

There's a free open source alternative, #LiberaPay, which is non-profit:

LiberaPay is itself funded by donations.

You can follow them on the Fediverse:


(alternative at request of reader @mjog 👍 )

#Alternatives #Donations #Payment

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I love this from my guy @davesacre: ""Hands and feet of Jesus" "embodiment of Christ" -- love me some churchy words that really just mean: "let's treat people with love""

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Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

What's been going on Liturgists and fediverse? I have been in my own little world for a few weeks. Hope all is well in yours.

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The first duty of love is to listen.

-Paul Tillich

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Here are some more customized sites that have been built with #WriteFreely /

Love seeing what people have been able to do with a simple layout and a bit of CSS.

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For those of you that helped us out the other day, @madie and I got our podcast up on the Apple Podcast app, and Spotify! Thank you all so much—especially @danielmrose Check us out at The Advaita Podcast! Where we ask all of life’s hard questions, and answer none of them.

If you want to tell your story of de- re- construction let me know and I can connect you.

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As I think through the status of the Church and spirituality in the United States today I feel more of a pull to do something non traditional. Unfortunately, non traditional things don't pay money. This would be fine, except for things like bills. That M.Div is not going to pay for itself.

Can anyone tell me how to support myself if and when I try something new?

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