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Since we’re starting to grow, it may be time to start with some . My name is Dan. I’ve been married to my best friend, Amy, for 21 years. We have two ridiculously great kids, Ethan (17) and Libby (15).

I lead Missional Communities in Southeastern Michigan. We are looking at building a network of Missional Communities and training women and men to lead more of these and become fresh incarnations of the church.

I am constantly deconstructing and reconstructing.

‪As it turns out, I wasted three years of my life getting an M.Div (not to mention the ten years or so of continued study, etc), what I should have been doing instead was watching YouTube and reading Wikipedia. ‬

‪It’s way cheaper and makes you an expert. ‬

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Thomas Merton on the night (excerpt) 

“I sit in darkness. I sit in human silence. I begin to hear the eloquent night.

The world of this night resounds from heaven to hell with animal eloquence, with the savage innocence of a million unknown creatures.

The enormous vitality of their music pounds and rings and throbs and echoes until it gets into everything, and swamps the whole world in its neutral madness which never becomes an orgy because all things are innocent, all things are pure.”

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Pause and think about your favorite book, song, poem, or piece of art.

Confession: I reactivated Twitter. Baseball trade deadline and Debate night were too much. The siren call of immediate info couldn’t be overcome.

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It's also a great time to grab a free account! Accounts created on August 1 or later (eastern US time) will have a limit on the number of posts they can create for free.

Besides helping us reach sustainability sooner, with these changes we want to encourage people to spread out across other #WriteFreely instances. There are already some great ones to pick from!

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The Astros acquiring Greinke is an amazing move. Wow!

Just deactivated my Twitter account. 😳

I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Instagram is next.

Facebook, I’m not sure that I can ever get rid of. I took about a three month break and the folks I serve demanded me to return.

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everyone deserves grace.
that's the point, right?

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A while ago, @mike posted about Jumbo, an app that helps you keep your various internet accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Alexa, etc.) cleaned and private—as private as possible, anyway. Since then, the app has been overhauled and made much more user-friendly, plus they've added new cleaning services. If you didn't check them out then, you should give it a shot now.

Fundamentalists on either side of any discussion are exhausting.

Bible Stuff ~ 

In case you’re wondering, Romans is really disruptive after a season of deconstruction.

It turns out Paul followed Jesus’ line of thinking way more closely than many want to admit.

Luther and Calvin’s modern followers have really missed the boat on their interpretation.

I’ve been writing a bit these days. Here’s today’s bit: To Love Well Is To DO Something

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