To all the new peeps coming in tonight. First off, Welcome! Secondly, checkout there are a ton of super helpful hints/tips there. Please make sure to ask any questions too!

Currently reading my first Stephen King novel -- 11/22/63. I'm about 25% of the way in and enjoying it. I go back/forth a lot between fiction/non-fiction. I read 30 books last year and am hoping for 50+ this year. What have y'all just read?

I'm on track so far -- book 5 of the year!

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Hey everyone that's , I've got some useful information pinned to my profile to help with understanding basic functionality on Mastodon.

Click my name or profile pick and scroll down to see. Let me know of you have any questions about the platform!

Following long threads with multiple people seems rather difficult...especially once you step out for a bit. Guessing that's just the nature of things when multiple people start tooting at once?

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Married 19 years to The Bride, with 2 boys, 14 & 12. I am a destroyer of the real estate fortress of suckitude in SE Michigan, and an elder at the church that @danielmrose started here in Ypsilanti. Also? I kind of like the University of Michigan.

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RE: Liturgists Profile Directory

Using Mastodon via your browser, under the "edit profile" section, you can select "List this account on the directory" so that people on this instance can find you and visa versa.

You can explore the "Profile Directory" from the link on the "getting started" column and also your profile page.

The direct link for the directory is:

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One of the things that I've been doing for years is blogging. I have been feeling a bit of a creative block for a few weeks. So, I wrote this:

Hanging out on the web right now...VERY much like tweetdeck. 🤔 right out of the box this feels more comfortable than slack for our type of community....

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