Anyone know of any books that investigate the origin of the trinity doctrine? Stuff like ‘ancient religions had triads, so and so appropriated it, etc’

Anyone on Goodreads? Always love to see what other people are reading

Ready for a February filled with reading!

5 Love Language by Gary Chapman
The Bible tells me so by Peter Enns
Finding organic church by Frank Viola
What is the Bible by Rob Bell
Genesis for Normal People by Peter Enns
Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright
Ice Henge by Kim Stanley Robinson
Memory of Whiteness by Kim Stanley Robinson
Laravel Up and Running by Matt Stauffer

Some days I feel irrevocably damaged, even though I know it’s not true.

Be brave enough to be curious. Be brave enough to be honest. Be brave enough to have empathy. Be brave enough to love.

My reading list for 2019 - open to suggestions and recommendations

Any recommendations for books or podcasts on Buddhism basics / etc?

I’ve been reading Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh, and I found this quote inspiring:
“For Buddhism to be real, there must be a Buddhakaya, an embodiment of awakened activity. Otherwise Buddhism is just a word.” I feel like so many spiritual traditions in the West (I’m speaking from an experience of being raised in fundamentalist Christianity) have become disembodied practices. Just words. Im now learning to live an embodied spiritual tradition, and that has been so healing.

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