Last weekend I attend The Reformation Project conference in Seattle. Today I attended a "Gender Matters" seminar through Desert Streams Ministries. The difference between the biblical depth, scholarly quality, & intellectual honesty contained in the 2 events was more startling than I had anticipated. It was incredibly helpful in clarifying what I no longer believe, what I can no longer support, and what I want to argue for in the church: equal worth, equal standing, equal expectation for all.

"The Christian life is (about)...'conversion from individualism to community, from autonomy to interdependence, from idolatry to true worship, from grasping to receiving, from oppressive dominion over creation to loving care of it, from indifference to passionate, prayerful action, from Western definitions of 'development' to loving participation, from competition to collaboration, from protagonism to service.'" (Ruth Padilla DeBorst, quoted in Us vs. Them, by David Fitch.)

Amateur church calendar pastor problems: misreading the church calendar and realizing the message you gave LAST week was supposed to be for THIS week, and the message you're giving THIS week is supposed to be for NEXT week...oh well, too late now!

All forms of injustice just break my heart. Just finished watching a documentary on HULU called DINOSAUR 13 which was a gripping account of injustice on a number of levels...worth the watch if you're so inclined.

@mike thank you so much for the latest episode of your podcast. I was silently hoping you would have the grace to offer some words of reflection. It was beautiful. I think if we were friends I'd say, "love you man" at this point, but since we've never met I'll simply say again: thank you so much. Peace to you and others grieving RHE's loss at a deeply personal level.

“If you want to do violence in this world, you will always find the weapons. If you want to heal, you will always find the balm.” ~ RHE 💔

Full disclosure: I have always hated beer. I have a sweet tooth a mile wide and twice as deep. Last night was the rare exception when “beer” and “sweet tooth” cane together. This limited edition Boulevard craft brew will likely never be bottled again, and I got to experience it. Now I’m like the George Costanza of beer: I’m out!

HOT TAKE: ranch dressing is disgusting and the undying love some folks have for it will always remain a mystery to me...

"We would rather sound certain while speaking in ignorance than acknowledge the truth of life's uncertainty. Some of us are even willing to blame ourselves when evil strikes rather than make peace with the possibility of life's circumstances... there are (just) some things in life that we will never understand." (Jonathan L. Walton, on the moral lesson of Job)

The original motion picture soundtrack to AVENGERS: ENDGAME is absolutely beautiful. Man, between John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri, I'm glad I got to live during the time they were writing music. Their movies absolutely would not have the impact they do without their contributions.

As of tonight I have officially deleted my Facebook/Instagram accounts after cancelling Twitter in 2018. I'm admittedly going to miss it on some levels, but feel a deep sense of relief on others...

If anyone is looking for an incredibly well written, gracious and fair presentation of positions it disagrees with, and was actually recommended by a conservative theologian who ultimately disagrees with its conclusions (but respects the quality of the scholarship and presentation) I highly recommend this book by Karen Keen. It's an incredibly reasonable approach to affirming theology and hermeneutics.

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