I am a compulsive connectionist. Each insight is taken as a puzzle piece for a unified view of reality. Each is distinct, and all are connected. I am learning where I fit, and I am discovering the connections that make me more than a puzzle solver.

I am an academic cognitive scientist, conducting computational neuroscience research in search of how matter gives rise to mind. I am particularly interested in how the brain exhibits flexibility in learning, memory, and cognitive control.


A question if you don't mind sharing your thoughts:

Is it fair to say that a mind is an immaterial thing that rises from material things?

@zfrazier Thanks for asking. I don't mind sharing, but this is a hard question that could take volumes to start to address.

Here's an analogy that I just made up, giving a hint at my perspective. The ballroom, the balloons, the lights, and the music are the body and the world. The dancers are the brain. The dance is the mind.

@drdave This precisely my jam. I want to know the full stack of reality - including that of human experience - to understand and behold in wonder.

Happy B-Day!

Also, I love the label "Compulsive Connectionist". Mine has been "Ultimate Integrationist" and I came to fully own it about a year ago. Then I started a deep dive into particle physics. 😊 There are times where the things I learn there bring me to tears.

@sven Thank you for the warm and enthusiastic welcome and the birthday wishes!

Whether it's "compulsive connectionist" or "ultimate integrationist", we should certainly make bumper stickers. 😀

I know and treasure that awe and wonder, from the very small to the very big.

Thanks, again!

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