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It's here! Check out the trailer for Pour Advice, a new web series where good and bad meet. 🍸👫🍹

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What are some of your favorite moments? We're updating our youtube channel trailer with clips from the show!

A while ago, @mike posted about Jumbo, an app that helps you keep your various internet accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Alexa, etc.) cleaned and private—as private as possible, anyway. Since then, the app has been overhauled and made much more user-friendly, plus they've added new cleaning services. If you didn't check them out then, you should give it a shot now.


Does anyone else, since deconstructing, use the phrase, "THE STORM PROVIDES," when something good happens?

Oh, man. The algorithm's get me this morning.

When I was a kid, I recorded music videos on MTV and VH1 to VHS. This one was recorded multiple times (along with "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies).

Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

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Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

Fun news! hit 💯 subscribers on YouTube today. Something that started as a dumb joke here on Mastodon has blossomed into one of my favorite thing to do each week.

Thank you to everyone that supported the idea, subscribed, and contributed! You're all great!

Cc: @Birdie

Pour Advice / Alcohol 

2020 Election / Brand Design 

I made an amazing life choice and watched The Office series finale on my lunch break today.

But this OFFICIAL VIDEO was made like two years ago -- 20 years after the song's original release. As much as I love the song for the jugga-memories tied to it (not so much the lyrical content and themes), the video is ridiculous and makes me feel silly.

Rapping, smoking weed, and acting hard in a parking lot with KIAs and BMWs? What even is this?

Does this mean my juggalotude is fading? I need a Faygo IV stat.

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Juggalo Shiz. 

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Y'all, Primus is funky and good. Why have you been keeping them from me?

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@mike In case no one had made it yet. Also this is literally the first gif I've ever made - very happy you could be a part of it. But actually your conversation with @hillarymcbride was truly beautiful.

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