Hi, everyone! @Birdie and I need a new batch of questions to answer on . Hit us with something fun or weird and receive a drink on the house.*

(And please boost if you don’t mind.)

*Free drink redeemable in person only, in Michigan, with 24-hours heads-up.

@drew @Birdie How can I get my kids to stay in bed at night?
They get out of bed every 5 minutes with a new request or story to tell.

@drew @Birdie Also, could I make a request for a drink with vodka?

@shawn @Birdie Great question! And thanks for the kind words, friend!

As for vodka, it's coming! But this week we're doing a recipe with gin.

What is the success rate of homemade Gin and would recommend using vodka as a Base or another spirit?

@andrewmurray86 This question is on a whole 'nuther level! Perhaps a special episode is in order -- what do you think, @Birdie?

@drew @Birdie oh cool, I’ll have to listen! All my advice questions are suuuper heavy lol so I’ll have to get a feel of your vibe before I submit haha

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