Is anyone else planning to binge the entire MCU between now and the 26th? Just @Birdie and I?

@drew @Birdie I rewatch all of the MCU movies before just about every new movie release!!!

@Vaashtii @Birdie Share all the things you've realized after multiple viewings!

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@drew @Vaashtii @Birdie I’m currently doing this! One thing I noticed is that the after credit scene of doctor strange is taken directly from thor ragnarok. Usually these are not actually in future movies, or just slightly edited

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@iwappes @Vaashtii @Birdie Ah, yes. I think the end-credit scene in Ant-Man is a direct pull from Civil War, as well.

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@iwappes @Vaashtii @Birdie Are y'all watching in a specific order?

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@iwappes The CNET order isn't far from what I've outlined. All differences are in phase 3 and could be chalked up to preference -- though I do like the idea of watching Black Panther ahead of Spider-man: Homecoming, and putting Thor: Ragnarok right before Infinity War. Thanks for the link! MY LIST HAS BEEN INFLUENCED.

@drew oh hey- sorry- i only read your post through the view I could see. I didnt realize there was a much larger list. LOL

@Booksnyarn *phew* I went over the list like 5 times, checking and re-checking. "Thor, Thor, Thor, Black Panther. Thor, Thor, Thor, Black Panther..."

@drew @Birdie I’m not going to make it by the 26th, but I’ve been reviewing the full MCU - movies, television, and shorts (but not tie-in comics) - for some months, now, in order of original release. I’m only up to the first season of Iron Fist, so I still have a lot to watch. I’m finding it fun to connect subsubplots and minor characters to the full arc. Thanks for sharing your review!

@drdave @Birdie You’re living the dream, Dr. Dave. I don’t have the patience to work through all the TV shows, nor do I have access to all the shorts. I hope you give a full report when you’re done. You’ll have at least one reader!

@drew @Birdie Were going to try. Our tickets for Endgame aren't until the 28th, so we just might make it.

@paco @Birdie Nice! We Watched Cap and Iron Man yesterday, skipped Iron Man 2 (we watched pretty recently) and Hulk (🤷🏻‍♂️), and watched Thor today.

We're kind of cheating, but ahead of schedule!

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