Y'all, Primus is funky and good. Why have you been keeping them from me?

@drew ooo, funky along the lines of Red Hot Chili Peppers or like Too Many Zoos?

@jkalt I'm not familiar with Too Many Zoo's, so I'll have to say RHCP by default.

@drew Love me some Primus! One of my favorites, especially back in my college days.

@drew Les Claypool is literally one of the greatest bass guitar players of all time. You should listen to their rendition of Nativity in Black (N.I.B.).

@drew I don't. And I didn't see it on Youtube. Maybe Spotify?

@drew Ugh. It would seem it's been removed from pretty much every streaming music venue.

@drew Well, any really good Primus song shows you how talented he is.

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