Juggalo Shiz. 

You guys, my juggalo is showing right now.

Jams from '97 are hitting the spot.

But this OFFICIAL VIDEO was made like two years ago -- 20 years after the song's original release. As much as I love the song for the jugga-memories tied to it (not so much the lyrical content and themes), the video is ridiculous and makes me feel silly.

Rapping, smoking weed, and acting hard in a parking lot with KIAs and BMWs? What even is this?

Does this mean my juggalotude is fading? I need a Faygo IV stat.

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Juggalo Shiz. 

@SchrodingersCuriousCat I had to Google that, so I don't think so?

Juggalo Shiz. 

Lol, but at least you represent us bald guys well

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