Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

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Pour Advice No. 7 [Alcohol] 

I made an amazing life choice and watched The Office series finale on my lunch break today.

Is anyone else planning to binge the entire MCU between now and the 26th? Just @Birdie and I?

Hi, I'm a avoiding responsibility. mastodons were smaller than African elephants, and much smaller than mammoths. Check out this Mastodon skeleton next to a regular human man. Way smaller than I expected. I also learned that had a pretty big mastodon population.

Decluttering our physical space to make room in our mental and spiritual space. I found this dried flower.

I asked @Birdie, “What is this?”

She replied, “That is a mother’s day carnation from McDonald’s. I got a free meal.”



Here are my most public and most private tattoos.

The anchor has become the symbol of my relationship with @Birdie -- we match! The ink desperately needs touching up, but it's my favorite tattoo.

SHINFO is a symbol of my ETIDiocy. It means "shitty information," and was made "popular" in Every Time I Die's 2006 Tour DVD, "Shit Happens." Old pic because it's mostly illegible now.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: All votes for anything other than the official options have been converted to votes for Swedish Fish (electoral college rules). AND YET THERE IS STILL A TIE.

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I finally finished this. It is very good. Laughing alone as you read while your wife quietly judges you a nerd is fine.


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