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Gossip posts on Mastodon = “Juicy Toots.”


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Pour Advice / Alcohol 

Episode 1 is heeeere! We're making Old Fashioned and "helping" @aaron_lamere tell his mom she isn't good at her hobby.

Decluttering our physical space to make room in our mental and spiritual space. I found this dried flower.

I asked @Birdie, “What is this?”

She replied, “That is a mother’s day carnation from McDonald’s. I got a free meal.”


Currently editing the first episode of -- it's gonna be longer than I expected.

Let's just say I figured out why the ice was melted by the time we were taking our first drinks. 😅 😎


Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights [2002]

Such good upbeat chill jams on the record. Any other Interpol fans in here?

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Finding people who are at a similar spot as you in life is really like taking a deep breath of fresh air. We aren’t alone. Inhale. Exhale.

It's here! Check out the trailer for Pour Advice, a new web series where good and bad meet. 🍸👫🍹

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Hey, Liturgists! It's late in my neck of the woods, but I want you all to get excited for the official launch of Pour Advice on YouTube later today (Tuesday!) with our Channel Trailer!

The idea for the channel was birthed here on Mastodon just one month ago, and was nurtured by you caring souls. So excited to make it a reality alongside @Birdie! 💯🔥

Stay tuned!

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I could really use a few minutes without a child asking me for a snack.

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Just want to say, if y'all talk about Captain Marvel, make sure to use the content warning!

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#HubbleFriday Long ago gravity drew these 2 galaxies together. However, actual collisions between stars are very rare as stars are very small relative to the distances between them. Eventually the galaxies will fully merge to form a single, stable galaxy…

Here are my most public and most private tattoos.

The anchor has become the symbol of my relationship with @Birdie -- we match! The ink desperately needs touching up, but it's my favorite tattoo.

SHINFO is a symbol of my ETIDiocy. It means "shitty information," and was made "popular" in Every Time I Die's 2006 Tour DVD, "Shit Happens." Old pic because it's mostly illegible now.

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I may no longer be in church but also I still practice a lot of the protestant traditions that were so important to me growing up, such as never thinking about lent, and never thinking about the virgin mary.

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