@vishnu The idea of God expressed at varying levels of constriction is a helpful idea. It does, however, make me wonder why the All would ever constrict to the extent that it forgets who it is. Why would the All allow itself to suffer in that way? Is reunion a better state than unbroken eternal union? But I realize those are impossible questions when This is what Is.

@mike Have you watched The OA? I think they made a show based on a certain DMT trip I heard discussed on The Alien & The Robot.

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@mike @vishnu I really appreciate Richard and his message has been hugely transformational for me, but I wonder if his own ideas don’t point beyond his own distinctions. For example, he seems hesitant to apply some particularities of Jesus universally - e.g. Jesus is fully god and fully human, but Mary and Richard are not. Is this a matter of uniqueness or potential? Thank you Vishnu for pushing into this idea directly.

@vishnu It does feel like the narrow road, doesn’t it? But you have played a huge part in me finding this narrow road, so thank you for sharing your journey so publicly. Blank stares and silence will precede awareness for many. We are listening.

How can we make American Republican Jesus the top Gungor track on iTunes and Spotify? I think it’s finally time for Beautiful Things to relinquish its grip on that real estate. (ARJ is showing up on my Spotify release radar, so maybe it’s on its way)

@vishnu Just saw you in Houston - amazing show! Any chance that solo performance of Am I will be recorded and released? I can’t stop thinking about it. And my eyes are still wet.

@mike “To Live in Love” from OWL:Body was played at my grandmother’s funeral and got me through that loss. Unexpectedly, the same day I carried her casket to the gravesite my daughter was born into my arms. This song now holds both of those memories together in ways I can’t verbalize.

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