The episode was great, but I was honestly bummed not to hear part 3. Good thing I'm a patron as well as one of the

Made my keyboard act as a kind of LED progressbar and show my current CPU usage 😊

If you got a Razer keyboard, here are the sources:

House/bird sitting for my evangelical parents. I decide to throw some music on for the bird, "Alexa, play random music" and wince expecting evangelical worship music. Alexa responds, "playing I am mountain by the band gungor". That'll do. 👍 Also supports @vishnu and @Lisagungor in their decision to burn it all down.

(4)...should not ask that of you. You do have to sit with grief and you do have the right to feel that pain. Hopefully, we all eventually get to feel more of the light-hearted parts of existence but if that's not happening for you right now, there's nothing "wrong" with you. Your experience is as necessary for the community as the playfulness of children and the peaceful quiet of rest. Maybe you're a "prophet" telling people "Hey, there's a problem and it's terrible and sad. We can't ignore it."


Just discovered this today - a Post-Meritocracy Manifesto. Very cool.

The tech industry is rightly criticized for its meritocratic bent. Good to see a bit of movement happening in the other direction.

“If only it were possible for us to see farther than our knowledge reaches, and even a little past the far reaches of our foresight, perhaps we would endure our sorrows with greater trust than our joys.” Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Note to self:
None of us are getting out alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought.
Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you're carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure.
Be silly. Be weird. Be kind. There's no time for anything else.
-Nanea Hoffman

About the evangelical church 

Many evangelical churches have used musicians to further their goals without paying them well. If you come late the pay of a head pastor with a head worship leader they’re usually making half of what the pastor does. Both are skills that take a lot of time and preparation, but art is looked at as unnecessary or secondary to preaching.

This is one of the first issues that drove me away from the church as an artist. I was tired of being used.

Can we get a farewell Gungor concert streamed for Lit Mastodon users? @vishnu @mike 😎

Even though there is a scientific explanation for something doesnt make it less magical. Plants eat sunlight. The moon moves the tides.

i am blown away at the amount of amazing art being created by this community. then again, why am i? we are "the liturgists" after all. feel free to reply with links to your work here.

Stop your scroll

Release the tension in your jaw

Take 3 deep breaths, paying attention to ever second. in and out.

Ask your body "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Ask your heart "what do you need right now?"

Give it space and silence to respond

Take the answers seriously and honor them as best you can.

Came across this yesterday and loved it. A better way of supporting your hurting friends!

Old Testament bible 

I was in a bible study reading Joel and was legit triggered by familiar words I’d heard coming from preachers I’d heard growing up, whose conservative and terrifying view of the world instilled fear deep inside me. I quickly left the room and sobbed my guts out on the bathroom. The kind of gasping snotty cry that leaves me with a swollen blotchy face and broken blood vessels. Then I had to wash my face and go eat pie. I think it was good for me but confusing to them. The end

I don't know if any of you will find this cool, but I've been working on building my own fatbike, I spend a lot of time on the design, and now I'm finally in to cutting steel, and every stroke of the file is exciting.

Today’s reminders:

-unclench your jaw
-breathe deeply
-check your posture
-drink water
-check-in with your body & heart (where are you tight? what are you holding onto? where are you tense? anxious?)
-keep breathing
-love no matter what

It’s infinitely better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you aren’t. Just be you - you’re more than enough.

Shameless self promotion:

I finished shooting my first music video for my band and it’s finally live on the interwebz! I’d love if you’d give it a watch and let me know your thoughts.

This is Radar. She is a Papillion. She wants you to know that living in a place where the snow banks are taller than you sucks pretty bad.

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