I’m curious as to how much of this network can be viewed on the interwebs.

I spent the morning service at a Baptist church today (it’s my girlfriend‘s church). I like the people there, I really do. I don’t like what they talk about. There is a fear of science, a fear of facts and truth. There is an animosity towards people who believe differently. It’s almost an aggression towards atheists and humanists.

It made me very uneasy today.

With regards to Climate Change:
The industry that I am employed in is one that is far from being climate conscious. I work in vehicle wraps. For one thing, we wrap vehicles, a large percentage of those vehicles are large and fuel burning. Another aspect of it is the material we use. It is a vinyl material that in no part is recyclable. This has been a constant worry of mine. I feel like a hypocrite at times, being part of a system that is contributing to the decline of our planet.

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I couldn't care less about your theological views. What I do care about is your heart and how you treat people.

The bells of Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Vancouver. We had an opportunity to attend this beautiful inclusive community this morning.

I just finished watching “Won’t You Be My Neighbour?”.

I’m an emotional mess. I have never cried so much during a movie.

Please, please, please watch this movie. It is engaging. It is inspiring. It is a great piece of cinema.


So, on one online test I am a 6. I just took another one now and it says I am a 5.

I am being honest with myself?

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Sexual abuse 

@evie Also, desperately need to point this out: most of these dudes are married. Can we stop with the “celibacy turns people into sexual abusers!” arguments? It’s quite frankly anti-Catholic. Celibacy isn’t the problem - it’s a culture seeping in male entitlement. It’s a boy’s club. This is a problem with toxic masculinity.

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"It was amongst the rubble that I found the parts of me that are indestructible" Quote from an LA street artist

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Morning Thought:

As the pace of technology continues to outpace evolution, we will see more and more mental illness.

So long as the church continues to view mental illness as a moral failure or lack of faith, the church will continue to lose those most in need of healing.

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Just spent the night celebrating my grandma’s 89th birthday. That woman grew up in depression era LA, raised 4 hell-raising boys in the 60s, survived a triple bypass surgery at 80, and is still traveling the world with my grandpa (they’ve gone to over 70 countries so far).
For some reason, always being with her takes away my fear and anxiety of aging and not living a fulfilling life. She’s the epitome of “I don’t give a damn, I’m gonna do what I want.” Live like Anita.

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@eldon I have a similar journey with my beliefs being inseparable from my marriage, my social network, as well as my occupation (children’s and music pastor). It all came crashing in on me all at once. Very hard times and even though that was almost 10 years ago now, I’m still recovering. I feel you my friend.

In the end, it cost me my marriage of sixteen years and friendships that simply disappeared. Christianity was everything until it wasn’t anymore. It ceased to be the rock that my marriage was built on. I was told that my whole life was a lie, my faith since I was six. It just couldn’t recover from that. It’s been a long road back but the price has been high. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend and Mike McHargue’s book, I would never have seen the beauty of religion as I do now.

Who here has had a dramatic deconstruction?

I was knee deep in a charismatic culture, on staff at an on-fire church that had established its ministry all over the world. At the height of it, the leading evangelist had an affair that came out in a very public way. Eventually the money ran out and I was let go. That was the catalyst for a long series of questions that ultimately led to my deconstruction.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post something like this. I was wondering if this community has some ideas on how to make my computer faster. I’m a single dad with little to no budget and most of the money I make goes to pay child support. I’m trying to make extra money doing graphic design on the side so I can get myself through school but my computer is terribly slow.

Any ideas?

part 2: I forgot to share some things. I’m 41 and I have 5 wonderful children who find going to church the most boring thing in the world. I have also decided to go back to school and become a smarter person.

School is hard at 41.

First post. From Abbotsford, BC. I’m a Christian turned Atheist turned Who knows what I am now. I’ve had quite a spiritual journey the last seven years. Discovered Science Mike around two years ago and this whole culture has drastically changed my life. I’m eager to see what the future brings.

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