I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post something like this. I was wondering if this community has some ideas on how to make my computer faster. I’m a single dad with little to no budget and most of the money I make goes to pay child support. I’m trying to make extra money doing graphic design on the side so I can get myself through school but my computer is terribly slow.

Any ideas?

@eldon I'm not your girl, but I'm certain with all this nerdery going on with mastodon, there is SOMEONE here who can help you.

@jmeann @eldon first step is what is the computer you currently have?

What kind of processor, RAM, and graphics processing unit (GPU) do you have? And how old is it? Stuff like that. From there, I’m sure someone with more understanding of computers than myself would be able to help you

As above, hard to give advice without knowing more without details about computer, OS and software, but as a general principle your computer's speed is determined by how many programmes are running simultaneously and using your RAM. Start by looking at this. Are there programmes that run in the background you don't need? Have a look in start up and task manager. Have you done a virus check recently (a decent one, not a freebie or an out of date one)?

@Drfavourite I’ve been out of the loop for so long with regards to how to maintain my computer. But I’ll start with these suggestions and go from there. The computer is about 4 1/2 years old. It’s running Windows 8.1. It has 4 Gb of Ram and it’s running a Celeron processor (I know that’s not a great processor).

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